• Brand Story

    Origin/ Creation

    Sheetal Jewellery House is a sister concern of Sheetal Manufacturing Company which is a well established name in cutting and polishing diamond industry. After becoming a well known name in cut and polished diamond industry, Sheetal manufacturing company decide to enter into Diamond studded jewellery manufacturing and then in year 2001 Sheetal Jewellery House was formed. Since its inception Sheetal was dedicated in serving the different jewellery markets with the products which satisfies the needs and preferences of their customers.


    Success and failure are the two sides of a coin which are associated with every business venture. Transformation from a family run business into a leading diamond house has witnessed a lot of struggle faced by the first generation of the company. Sheetal Jewellery had a strong support from Sheetal group as it was already a well established name in the luxury goods market. But making a strong presence in the studded jewellery market was still a big challenge for the company.

    Sheetal jewellery with its unique and innovative couture and dedication made everyone felt its presence. Since then it has emerged as a trusted player in the industry. Sheetal Jewellery house started its business by exporting the jewellery in International markets. After serving to International markets for almost 4 years it made its entry in domestic markets. Presently it has made its presence in almost every geographical region of India. It is rendering services to more than 300 retailers which include the topmost names of the jewellery retailing business.