• Strengths

    • Supply and on time delivery

      Sheetal’s presence is cut and polished diamonds and jewellery manufacturing makes its supply chain strong. It gives an advantage of unrestricted continuous supply of the diamonds.

      Company’s strategic and scientific planning procedures ensure on time delivery.
    • Price

      Company’s operations are driven by low cost, high performance in all areas. It’s in-house production of cut and polished diamonds and efficient production facilities enables it to offer its product at fair and competitive prices.
    • Quality Control

      The systematic approach forms the basis of Sheetal Group’s strict and persistently pursued quality control. The entire manufacturing process is based on standardized operating process ensure a strict quality check on every stage of production.
    • Human Wealth

      Our work force constantly strives towards achieving the goal of the group which is to serve the diamond industry to the fullest. Paramount importance is placed on the training of all new recruits as well as existing staff and workers.
    • Research Development

      Sheetal has a dedicated Research and development team which travels across the globe studying international motifs and carry out an exhaustive survey of the latest trends and ideas. Its products are well researched and undergo various opinions of eminent socialites and designers. The deep understanding of preferences and sensibilities of customers of different regions makes Sheetal a conspicuous master to serve all the jewellery markets with the assortments which best suits them.