• Values and Culture

    At Sheetal, we constantly thrive to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders. But above all, we value integrity, honesty of purpose and commitment to the interest of the organization. To Sheetal, business is not merely earning profits, but a way through which people can access one of nature's most beautiful creations, and a symbol of eternal love - Diamonds.

    "Customer Service" is the key activity in our operations. This is reflected in our promptness and caring attitude towards our customers. A positive and personalized approach to our customer's needs is what we have always strived to attain. Our commitment towards our customers helps us to retain them.

    At Sheetal we have built our business on ethics and morals and practice a responsible business. This involves rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit. Fair treatment with stakeholders becomes an essential part at our company. In order to make our position understood we clearly communicate our stances on issues both internally and externally. This approach has contributed to the company’s success and has enabled it to carry out all its operations efficiently.